the upside FAQ

Why don’t I see my items on the website?

While we are hard at work vetting, pricing, photographing, uploading and listing your items this takes time.

Once we have accepted your items please allow for up to 30 days to see them on the site. If they are seasonal we will hold them until closer to the season to launch (IE. winter items will be posted in September)


What percentage do I earn?

Initially as a seller you earn 60% of the sale price and once you consign over $9,999 you earn 70%. This is ~30% higher then traditional consignment stores.

What happens if my item(s) do not sell?

In the Consignment Terms the contract between the upside and the seller is 180 days. At the end of the Consignment Period, the consignor is responsible to contact the upside if they would like their items returned.  If we do not hear from the seller via email or phone we reserve the right to either continue to sell the items or to donate them to charity (consignor will be contacted prior to donation). In the event the consignor requests their items PRIOR to the end of the Consignment Period, the consignor shall pay to the upside an administrative handling fee of $25 per item to cover the costs of transporting, storing, cataloguing and photographing. In either event, the cost to return (i.e. ship) the items will be borne by the consignor.

What happens if I submit a product that is outside of your quality standards?

We strongly recommend that you send freshly laundered items and that you have any small repairs fixed. If a product is submitted that is in need of dry-cleaning or slight alterations (e.g. a ripped seam) you will be charged the cost of us having to do it. We also reserve the right to (within reason) add value to an item (e.g. If the sole of a shoe is worn beyond what we see as acceptable quality to sell – we will have a Topy put on). We are very particular to ensure that the items we sell are of high quality and we would never want a buyer to be disappointed in their condition.

Any questions in regards to item condition please contact

Once I request payment for my owed commissions how long until I receive it?

Cheques are written and sent out on the 30th of every month.

Alternatively, you can request e-transfer which will be paid out once all items are outside of our 10 day return window & you are at the front of the queue. We can only e transfer so much per day, week, month etc. due to bank imposed maximums. Usual wait times are 2-3 weeks depending on volume.

Any questions please contact:

How do I shop for product?

Products will be able for purchase on June 1. We are currently accepting items for consignment and are hard at work getting as many great pieces as possible. It is important to us that when we launch our website for purchasing that you have a full boutique to shop from.

How do I see which of my products has sold?

To access reports on your products, visit the My Account > My Sales tab after you have logged in to your account. Here you will be able to change your payment settings, request a payment, and see a list of which products have sold and which you are still owed on.

How do I receive payment as a site credit?

When you receive your payment as a site credit on  you will earn an extra 5% on your commission payment.

Contact: to request your commission be applied to shopping!

How do I consign?

You first need to create an account. Next, you will need to go to CONSIGN YOUR PRODUCTS and simply follow the instructions on that page. You can choose to have a FREE In Person pick up (currently available only in Calgary*) or you can pack and ship for FREE within Canada. Any questions please contact:


Do you accept Swimsuits?

We only accept swimsuits that are brand new with tags and they must be on our designer list.

Do we ship Internationally?

We ship to the USA for an additional shipping cost and all items are non-refundable. For countries outside of the USA & Canada please contact: for more information about shipping rates.

Can I put an item on layaway?

Yes, you can do layaway on items that are over $900 in price.

  1. Upon checkout enter code LAYAWAY – this will prompt you to pay 30% of total price including gst & shipping.
  2. From here you have 3 months to contact: to pay the remainder in a maximum of two payments (1 per month). Upon receipt of full payment your beautiful new addition will be shipped!

Any questions contact:

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